Women’s Hockey Research Network

A note from Denyse Lafrance Horning at Nipissing University:

As a researcher of women’s hockey, I am endeavoring to create a broader network of researchers interested or active in studying the various aspects of women’s hockey.  The purpose of this group is to connect researchers and to share information and opportunities for collaboration and the advancement of our understanding and promotion of women’s hockey.  If you are interested in joining, please send the following information to Denyse Lafrance Horning at denyseh@nipissingu.ca:

Contact E-Mail:
Research Interests:

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone that you believe may be interested in such an initiative. I will begin by summarizing and distributing this information to all interested individuals.  We can then discuss other opportunities to create a more formal forum for exchange.

Thank you in advance for your interest.  I am looking forward to the possibility of future collaboration.


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