About the 2004 Conference

Womens’s Hockey: Gender Issues On and Off the Ice, was hosted by Saint Mary’s University, Halifax.  It was convened March 26 – 29, during the Women’s World Hockey Championships in Halifax and brought together scholars of differing specialization and disciplinary backgrounds as well as members of the wider women’s hockey community, including minor and youth hockey administrators, coaches, officials, scouts and players from the elite amateur level and professional ranks. Both on-ice and off-ice sessions were held.

Keynote Speaker

Convocation Address: Dr. Ken Dryden, All Star goalie for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970’s, winner of 6 Stanley Cups and numerous individual awards, best-selling author, hockey commentator, lawyer and Senator.  Dr. Dryden received an honorary degree from Saint Mary’s University during the conference and delivered “I AM A PLAYER” as his convocation address.

Guest Speaker

  • Hazel MaCallion, Mayor, City of Mississauga. Ms. McCallion recounted her experiences in women’s hockey in the 1930s.

Who Organized the Conference?

The following players comprised the team who put together this exploration in women’s hockey on and off the ice.

  • Colin Howell, Conference Chair
  • Elizabeth Chard
  • Lori Dithurbide
  • Sandi Galloway
  • Paul Goodman
  • Nancy Irvine
  • Chris Larsen
  • Jackie Logan
  • Martha MacDonald
  • David Murphy
  • Nikolas Murray