Presenter registration closes Friday May 21st

Some housekeeping for presenters:

  1. The Conference schedule is listed in the Atlantic time zone
  2. If presenters haven’t registered yet, it closes this Friday at 11pm Pacific time. Unless you have been specifically told not to register/pay a fee, please do so at
  3. The updated tentative schedule was sent out via email (contact if you did not receive it and you were supposed to)
  4. Panels with 4 presenters have a 10 minute presentation time, panels with 3 presenters have a 12 minute presentation time, and panels with 2 presenters have 15 minutes
  5. The full conference program, complete with abstracts, will be done in the coming week or two
  6. If you are pre-recording your talk, please do so via Zoom or Teams and send it to Cheryl via Google Drive, WeTransfer, or Dropbox. We recommend using the CC function or sending me a transcript of your talk for accessibility purposes
  7. If you DO NOT consent to having your talk recorded and put on the Conference website, please let Cheryl know ASAP

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